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Relationships Courses

The Institute for the Study of Man


Elizabeth Schnugh is the Course Leader and founder of the Institute for the Study of Man. For over 16 years Elizabeth has worked closely with Théun Mares. In this time she has developed a deep insight into relationships and how the Toltec Teachings expressed by Théun Mares can best help people at this time.


The courses offered by the Institute are experiential and practical, and the emphasis is on providing participants with the tools with which to uplift themselves and change their lives.


In keeping with the Toltec approach to life, Elizabeth is simple, honest and down-to-earth in guiding people towards finding their own answers, through using their unique experience of life.


Elizabeth says: "We teach people how to handle relationships, for at the end of the day all of life is about relationships."


From her own experience Elizabeth came to discover that people - all of us - always have a choice. At her turning-point Elizabeth realised that, however crushing appeared to be the challenge she faced, she still had a choice – to define herself as a victor instead of as a victim. Only through this choice did she regain her power as an individual.

"At first I felt that because I was being pushed around I was powerless. The wake-up point for me was when I asked myself what my choices were in the circumstances."


For more about Elizabeth, her Relationships Courses, as well as interviews, visit:



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