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A series of video interviews with Théun Mares has been released

The first set of interviews is entitled - Théun Mares, an Introduction, and it covers the subjects of the first six extracts which have been transcribed below.


In the second set of interviews Théun talks about Money, Economics and Politics, how these are interrelated, and how the monetary system as it is practised today leads to the enslavement of the individual and individual creativity, as opposed to the freedom that money ought to provide.


The videos may be viewed at


Interviews with Théun Mares about his life, his purpose and his work

The first six interview extracts reproduced below have been transcribed directly from the first interview in the series - Théun Mares, an Introduction.


Théun Mares on relationships - our greatest challenge today

Théun Mares explains why relationship issues are so important in the world today, what it means to resolve the past and his approach in guiding people to a deeper understanding of their relationships, including their fundamental relationship with themselves. Read more...

Théun Mares on the purpose of his work

Théun Mares on his role today, and the purpose of his work in helping people find their own answers to the three most fundamental questions in life. Read more...

The Toltec Teachings - their nature and purpose

Théun Mares on the Toltec teachings, how they do not originate from the Meso-American cultures that went by the name Toltec, their true essence, and why the true Toltec philosophy is not a religion. Read more...

Théun Mares on his early life

Théun Mares talks about his early life, his realisation of the fundamental importance of understanding perception, and the steps he had to take before he was able to claim his knowledge as nagal within the Toltec teachings. Read more...

Théun Mares on his career and training

Théun Mares talks about the role of the nagal in terms of the Toltec philosophy, his career in the performing arts, his early training, and the change in his role, as well as what this implies. Read more...

The role of gender

Théun Mares outlines the Toltec perspective on the role of gender, and what it can mean for people who are searching for true meaning surrounding their gender, as opposed to following the socially-conditioned views. Read more...

Overview of his work

Théun Mares gives an overview of salient points of the Toltec teachings. Read more...



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