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What does Toltec Mean?

Toltec means a man or woman of Knowledge, and the Toltec teachings, as expressed by Theun Mares, are a practical pathway of self-growth leading to self-knowledge.

Why is there so much emphasis on relationships?

Relationships form the essence of life. If you do not have the life skills to relate to others or to the world around you, then you will experience problems. It is especially important to be able to relate to yourself in a meaningful way. As you learn to do this, you will see how everything you do to uplift yourself through your personal growth also benefits the world around you.

Is this a religion?

Not in the accepted sense of the word, since there are no followers, no churches and no figures to worship. Also there are no rituals. However, religion in its truest sense implies going back to the Self – knowing yourself as who and what you really are. This is the most religious journey of all, for we are essentially all religious creatures yearning to get back to our roots.

What does going back to our roots imply in terms of our personal growth?

This implies that we need to rediscover our own purpose in life, and reconnect with our hearts.


Why are these teachings being made public now?

Previously, these teachings were transmitted orally, from a teacher. Now, however, people have reached a point at which they do not strictly need a teacher. For ages people have needed someone to tell them what to do and how to behave. However, more and more people are realising not only that they CAN think and decide for themselves, but that they HAVE to think and decide for themselves. This is what lies behind the trend towards self-sufficiency inspired by the current financial crisis. We are entering into an age of individual responsibility in which ordinary individuals no longer feel secure in putting their power in outside figures and governments – they want to claim back their power themselves. This is the essence of true personal responsibility and personal growth.


Do the Toltec Teachings conflict with established religions?

No. Not if we look at the real essence of the established religions. All true religions were founded upon the One Truth. It is only subsequently that this essence has been altered and obscured over time. For those who are willing to go beyond the face value of a religion as expressed today, these teachings can lead to a deeper understanding of other religions and especially their hidden teachings which have never been available to ordinary people.


I need something that is going to give me real life skills to improve my life. Is this approach practical?

Toltecs maintain that true personal growth requires action. Because we are all meant to participate fully in life, the concepts are not only practical - they also have to be lived. This is because true knowledge and personal growth only comes from experience – YOUR life experience. This also implies your ability to learn how to make your life work for you in practical terms, and so to discover purpose and meaning in your everyday life.


Is this going to change my life?

Remember that real personal growth and true change come from within. Remember too that your behaviour is founded upon habits you have built up over a lifetime. Undoing those habits takes more than just life skills. It takes hard work and commitment. We say: "In this life nothing is for nothing – you get out only what you put in."


Can anybody develop the life skills to benefit and grow?

Yes, provided that you are prepared to be honest with yourself and you make a commitment to yourself to put in the necessary work.


Do I have to meditate?

Since the Toltec Teachings are a practical and experiential approach to self discovery, meditation is not required.


Why is the world in such a mess?

Part of the world’s problems in excessive consumption and poor relationships lies in the fact that people are always looking outside of themselves for value, meaning and fulfilment. However, we try to show people that there is an enormous amount of beauty and magic in their ordinary lives – they just need the life skills to learn how to see it. There is also the problem that people nowadays live only in their minds. There is no place for the heart. And yet, we teach that life is a feeling and not an intellectual exercise – hence the importance of people learning how to get in touch with their hearts again.


How can I help change the world?

The best way is to start working on yourself. By taking charge of your personal growth, developing your life skills and truly uplifting yourself, you make a vast difference in the world around you, for all of life is interconnected, interrelated and interdependent.



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