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The Toltec Teachings - Volumes I to VII


Théun Mares has written in total seven volumes elucidating the various concepts and techniques of the Warrior’s Path. These are needed by the serious student who wishes to learn how to apply the Toltec teachings in a practical manner, so as to draw full benefit from having the knowledge to handle the varied challenges found within daily life.




New Release! Numerology Revealed



Numerology Revealed by Théun Mares


A Practical Guide to Self-Knowledge Based on the Esoteric and Exoteric Meanings of Numbers


In this book Théun Mares traces the origin of numbers, and explains how numbers relate to everything in our lives. He then shows how you can use numerology to reveal the unique qualities that are made up in your name, and thus gain valuable and meaningful information about yourself, your talents, your weaknesses - in short, everything that makes you tick. Amongst the many aspects that comprise a full Numeroscope, we learn how to build upon our hidden strengths, and how to transform our weaknesses. All the steps for clearly working out the nature of our main challenges in life are clearly set out, as well as other important elements such as our life cycles, and the hidden resources we can draw upon when facing severe challenges.


Available in Hardcover as The Toltec Teachings - Volume VII

And also in Softcover as Numerology Revealed



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Numerology Revealed by Théun Mares



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Toltec logo concerning Théun Mares and the Path of Freedom


The logo above, which also appears on all the books written by Théun Mares, signifies that the works concern the Toltec Teachings relating to the Toltec Path of Freedom, and therefore serves to differentiate these teachings from the Mesoamerican traditions of Toltequity, Nagualism and Shamanism.


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