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Numerology Revealed by Théun Mares cover artwork

Numerology Revealed - the Secrets of

the Art and Science of Numbers


What Insights can we Gain from Numerology?


In "Numerology Revealed" Théun Mares traces the origin of numbers. He explains how numbers are a fundamental vibration, and that these vibrations relate to everything in our lives.


Théun then shows how we can use numerology to reveal the unique vibration of our name, and so discover valuable and meaningful information about ourselves, our strengths, our weaknesses - in short, everything that makes us tick.


By developing an understanding of the qualities contained in the vibrations of numbers we learn how to build upon our hidden strengths, and how to transform our weaknesses. We discover the nature of our main challenges in life, our life cycles, and the hidden resources we can draw upon when facing severe challenges.


If this book is a practical guide to self-knowledge based on the esoteric and exoteric meanings of numbers, how is it that numbers can tell us so much?

God Geometrizes



Numerology Revealed by Théun Mares cover artwork


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about Numerology

It was Plato who gave us a clue to this, when he said: “God geometrizes continually.”


But what did Plato mean by this?


We can find some insight into Plato’s statement in the words of Madame Blavatsky:


“The term “God” – unless referring to the Unknown Deity or

Absoluteness, which can hardly be supposed acting in any way – has

always meant in ancient philosophies the collectivity of the working

and intelligent Forces in nature. The word “Forest” is singular, yet

it is the term to express the idea of thousands or even millions of trees of different kinds. Materialists have the option of saying “Nature,”

or still better – “Law geometrizes” if they so prefer. But in the days

of Plato, the average reader would hardly have understood the

metaphysical distinction and real meaning. The truth, however, of

Nature ever “geometrizing” is easily ascertained. Here is an instance: Heat is the modification of the motions or particles of matter. Now,

it is a physical and mechanical law that particles or bodies in motion

on themselves, assume a spheroidal form – this, from a globular planet down to a drop of rain. Observe the snowflakes, which along with

crystals exhibit to you all the geometrical forms existing in nature. As soon as motion ceases, the spheroidal shape alters; or, as Tyndall tells us, it becomes a flat drop, then the drop forms an equilateral triangle, a hexagon and so on. In observing the breaking up of ice-particles

in a large mass, through which he passed heat rays, he observed that

the first shape the particles assumed, was triangular or pyramidal,

then cubical and finally hexagonal, etc. Thus, even modern physical

science, corroborates Plato and justifies his proposition.”




Your Names


In numerology your first name, commonly known as your Christian name, is the real YOU in this lifetime. In other words, it is that part of your true Self which is giving expression to itself through you. Therefore your first name shows us what your talents are, as well as your limitations.


So whilst your Soul Urge shows us what your true Self wants to learn in this lifetime, your first name shows us who you already are.


Your middle name shows us the specific talents and strengths you gained in previous lifetimes, and which you now bring with you to help with the challenges you have to face in this lifetime. In most cases these talents and strengths from previous lifetimes manifest as latent potential, which unfolds more or less automatically as you grow up and start having more and more life’s experience, as opposed to your unrealised potential, shown in your Soul Urge, which takes time and effort to materialise. 


In the case of people having more than one middle name, the middle names are added together. In the case of people who have no middle name, we work exclusively with the Birthpath to determine what knowledge and skills are brought forward from previous lifetimes. 


The last name, commonly termed the family name, or the surname, is what you inherit from the family you were born into. This inheritance includes talents, strengths, weaknesses and challenges inherent within your family. It also includes challenges related to your family that have never been resolved since they first appeared amongst some of your predecessors, and therefore have been handed down from generation to generation. This is the meaning of the statement in the Christian Bible; “visiting the inequity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation.” 


In the case of double-barrelled surnames the two names are taken as one name, and are treated as one name.




What your Names Reveal


As Théun Mares explains; “After we have worked out and analysed the three most important of your numbers, we then need to look more closely at the details pertaining to those numbers. These details are found within various other numbers in your name. The first of the numbers revealing more detail is your first name. 


But before we get lost in too much detail let us first, for the sake of clarity, briefly reiterate what we have learned about the numbers so far. Your Soul Urge is the real you and it shows us what you need to learn in this lifetime, whilst your first name shows us the part of the real you that is going to be doing the learning within this lifetime. 


These words can be confusing, for you may well wonder what is meant by a “part” of the real you? So I will explain very briefly. 


We learn lifetime after lifetime, and each time we incarnate we follow the script we have written for ourselves. But realise that no single lifetime is ever long enough to learn absolutely everything surrounding our lessons. So in practice we never really finish our learning, no matter how dedicated we may be. Very often in our learning we will excel in one area, whilst we may struggle with our lessons in another area. So whenever we reincarnate we either continue with the lessons we started in the previous lifetime but did not finish, or we focus on those lessons with which we struggled. 


Yet if we consider how vast life is, and how much there is for us to learn, it stands to reason that in order not to scatter ourselves, and to avoid taking on too many different areas of learning and thereby stretching ourselves too thin, we need to choose our lessons very carefully, by focusing on what is most needed in terms of us evolving our awareness successfully. It follows that we never bring all of our evolving selves with us when we reincarnate. Instead, we bring with us only that part of ourselves which needs to be worked on in this lifetime. 


For example, we either incarnate as males or as females. But when we incarnate as a female we do not also bring with us all of our knowledge concerning what it is to be male, and neither do we write into our scripts lessons to do with being a male. Likewise, unless we need to learn the lessons involved in being an adopted child, we will not write such lessons into our script, and neither will we bring with us any knowledge we may already have concerning this. And if we have to learn about the corporate world, we will not write into our script lessons concerning entrepreneurial pursuits, even though we may have a great deal of knowledge concerning being an entrepreneur. And so on. 


So when I say that your first name shows us the part of the real you that is going to be doing the learning within this lifetime, I am referring to the real character you are in this lifetime, together with the knowledge you already have as this character, as well as the limitations of your knowledge. Yet as we know, you have also written for yourself a script, and this script is revealed in your Destiny Number, which tells us how you are going to learn the lessons you need to learn in this lifetime. And, just as happens on the stage, where every character also needs a personality to act out the script written for it, so in your case this personality is, of course, revealed in your Personality Number. 


Now you should be able to see how your first name works in conjunction with your Soul Urge.”

(Extract adapted from "Numerology Revealed".)



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Numerology Revealed by Théun Mares






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