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The challenge of individual responsibility

The journey of claiming our true uniqueness, or our power, is not easy, in spite of what many new age proponents might claim, and this is why the Warrior’s Path is challenging.


Because of the challenges, it is understandable why, for many people, it is far easier to hand their power over to a higher authority, whether the church, or the government, and simply to remain as “one of the crowd”. There is a lot of security in this, and this is partly the reason why there is such a rise in fundamentalism today. However, to give up one’s power, in the false hope of finding security, is to submit to slavery and to pave the way for dictatorships.


Toltecs believe that some of the many changes that are needed in the world today can be brought about through beginning with teaching individual respect and responsibility. This is because individuals form the foundations of every country. So if the people feel weak and worthless - just a number in a crowd - then that country will reflect this. If the individuals can be shown that they are worth something, then the country concerned will also reflect this.

We are all subject to certain universal laws, like the law of gravity. For example, no-one can see the force of gravity, and yet we all have to live and work with that force. The Toltec teachings are based upon a recognition and upholding of these universal laws.


Similarly, we have the law of cause and effect, which is often expressed in the phrase, “what goes round comes round”. This law is as pervasive as the law of gravity, and it applies throughout our lives. Therefore, if they lose their job, or home or partner, warriors do not look for someone to blame, and neither do they blame themselves. Instead they accept that simply because an event happened, they are responsible for setting it up in such a way that it did happen.


This forms the basis of the Toltec approach to individual responsibility. Warriors know that they have to take full responsibility for whatever happens in their lives. There is no place for blaming other people, or the devil or, for that matter, for saying that we have been punished by God.


Does this mean that there is no accountability? We are all accountable for our actions, but we also need to take responsibility for whatever we call into our lives. As we do this, we can learn not to feel victimised by our circumstances. Instead, we can learn to look upon our trials as challenges. They are there in order to help us to grow, to become stronger and wiser.


Thus it is said: “A warrior lives by challenge”.


Today, millions of people are disenfranchised in the true sense of the word – not because they have no money or cars, but because they feel that they are worthless and have no part to play in life. Millions of others have some money but have become disaffected with their jobs, their Churches, their entire lives, and for the same reason – that they feel that they are nothing more than numbers in a system.


A great many of these people give up on themselves and any connection with their spirituality, remaining hungry and disillusioned – and they will remain so for as long as they believe that they are merely the puppets of a capricious God, or the devil, or the government, or some other aspect of the system.


Toltecs believe that although there are many sources, with each revealing its value, at the end of the day, it is the responsibility of each individual to learn to light his or her own candle and discover their unique spark. For it remains a fundamental truth that the power to change the world lies not in governments, but in the strength and mutual co-operation of individuals.


Today, there are many prophets of doom, and just to look around at the world situation is to risk becoming completely disheartened. Yet, we offer a message of hope, and a very real approach for those who are open enough to see it.






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