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*The art and science of numerology

In his book, Numerology Revealed, Théun Mares traces the origin of numbers, and explains how numbers relate to everything in our lives. Read more...


The challenge of individual responsibility

Toltecs believe that some of the many changes that are needed in the world today can be brought about through beginning with teaching individual respect and responsibility. Read more...

How to handle fear

The most empowering step is to learn how to handle our fear. At the outset, though, we should remember that it is not possible to avoid fear entirely, and neither is this desirable, because fear is an integral part of life. Read more...

Using your emotions

There is little understanding today that emotions can and should be used constructively, as opposed to being indulged in. Read more...

Breaking the bondage

Many people have a dream that they might one day find a key to tap into the potential they sense is hidden deep inside of them – to break free from their limitations and live the life they aspire to. Read more...

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Re-evaluating the concept of forgiveness

What does it mean to forgive? Can we always forgive others? Is this even necessary? Or do our attempts to forgive all too often just lead to sweeping our real feelings under the carpet? Read more...

Choosing a new way as an act of survival

It is only when they are pushed by their circumstances to such an extent that they have their backs against the wall, that most people are prepared to take their chances and go for the new, simply because it is an act of survival. Read more...

Resolving control

One of the shortcomings is described as “obsession with the need to control.” Wanting to control life is a major factor for many people today, and especially for those with this shortcoming. This article highlights one of the effects of control. Read more...

The riddle of the Sphinx

Théun Mares talks about the riddle of the Sphinx and the answer to our deepest questions about "what is man?" Read more...

Stepping over versus suppressing emotions

In the books of Théun Mares there is a lot of information about how to use our emotions, and also not suppressing our emotions. Here Théun highlights the main differences between suppressing and stepping over our emotions. Read more...


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